NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Dubs 2020 'The Year Of the Mask'


NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is taking a break from shoving thousands of sick elderly COVID patients back into nursing homes and causing thousands more totally avoidable deaths to lecture people about wearing face masks.

Oh, and it gets worse: he’s now dubbed 2020 “The Year of the Mask.” No, really.



This is the same governor, mind you, who mandated that nursing homes accept sick people who’d tested positive for the coronavirus into their doors, spawning outbreaks in nursing homes and rehab facilities across the state that left hundreds, if not thousands, of seniors dead.

Of course, this is also the governor who sees nothing wrong with murdering a baby up until the moment it's born, so what can you expect, really?

But none of that has stopped the liberal media from fawning all over Cuomo and his supposedly brilliant handling of the pandemic, while slamming Republican governors who, you know, didn’t cram sick folks in with immune-vulnerable 80-year-olds.

So make sure you wear a mask this year, y’all. The grandma killer says so.

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