NY Times: Joe Biden’s ‘Devoutness’ Helped Overturn Roe

Michael Ippolito | August 8, 2022
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Among Joe Biden’s meager accomplishments, lowering the bar for what it takes to be a “devout Catholic” must rank up there. According to the NY Times writer Michael Shear, “Devout” Catholic Joe Biden’s faith led to Roe's overturn, and it’s now time for more pro-abortion activism. 

Shear is upset that President Biden’s Catholic faith has prevented him from being more active in the struggle for abortion. The author laments the middle-of-road approach Biden has taken on abortion and cites numerous pro-abortion “Catholics” who bemoan Biden’s “devoutness.” 

“This is not necessarily the guy that I am sure most activists wanted in the seat when this happened,” said Jamie L. Manson, the president of the egregiously misnamed Catholics for Choice, referring to the court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade. Manson is apparently as deluded about the constitution as he is about the catechism. “It’s unfortunate because he has so much power and we need him to really get out of his comfort zone.” 

But, Shear forgets that the Biden administration is the most pro-abortion administration in US history. Even so, the man who said Roe is compatible with religion is not enough for the abortion acolytes.

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Shear continues to paint Biden as one of the most pious Catholics to walk the Earth. “The leaders of the American Catholic Church have publicly rebuked Catholic politicians like John F. Kerry, the former Massachusetts senator, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi for their stances,” he writes.

“By his own admission, Mr. Biden is a deeply religious person who rarely misses a chance to attend Mass.” Does Shear forget when Biden was denied communion back in 2019?

But these abortionist worshippers blame Biden’s inaction and faith for Roe’s reversal. “It was a very frustrating meeting where we were looking to the White House for guidance,” Ms. Manson of Catholics for Choice said. “And instead, what we got was a recap of all the conversations they had had with all of us.”

The president of NARAL, Mini Timmaraju, and others want Biden to change his strategy. “He’s done that,” she said. “And he’s going to need to get more comfortable with that because this is the modern-day Democratic Party. He’s getting there, from what I can see.” Not surprising that empty-suit politician Biden loves changing his morals for political gain. 

If President Biden was the devout Catholic Shear is portraying him as, would he still support these insane lefties?