NV Lawmakers Amend Bill to Fine Schools That Protect Women's Sports

John Simmons | June 1, 2023
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Nevada lawmakers have passed an amendment that, if passed, could financially penalize school districts from banning transgenders from women’s sports.

Passed on Friday, the amendment to Assembly Bill 423 would fine any school that prevents students from participating in school activities consistent with their “gender identity or expression” $5,000 per day. This would include participation on sports teams and the ability to use gender-specific bathrooms.

The amendment was reportedly passed only after the original draft of AB 423 - which didn't include this provision - had been supported by both parties. Democrats then added the change to the bill without any hearings. Unsurprisingly, all Democrats present supported the change, but it got no Republican votes.

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Rep. Ira Hansen criticized this tactic by his progressive colleagues, calling this amendment the “Bud Light Amendment.”

The bill now heads to Rep. Gov. Joe Lombardo’s desk. Lombardo has a history of voting against similar pieces of legislation, as he was one of the 25 governors who signed a letter addressed to the Biden Administration asking for the president to not change the language of Title IX to protect transgenders.

“The proposed rule would mean that schools and colleges receiving federal funding could not impose an independent policy ensuring students play on teams consistent with their biological sex. This is a blatant overreach of the federal government on states’ rights,” the letter said of the administration’s proposed plan.

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