NPR Forms Its Own 'Ministry of Truth,' Launches 'Disinformation Reporting Team'

Nick Kangadis | July 18, 2022
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NPR might as well stand for Narrative Propaganda Radio, because — besides basically being a radio arm of the federal government — they’re now launching their own “Ministry of Truth” team.

There really isn’t much to report on top of them starting their own “Disinformation Reporting team” considering an article on NPR’s own website does nothing except make the announcement in the headline, as well as some of the people heading up the team.

But one person brought up a very good point on Twitter, as noted by the Daily Caller.

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Columnist David Marcus observed that the taxpayer-funded organization is going to have to be very careful going forward in their own reporting, because if they report — or ignore — certain stories, and there are any inaccuracies or big stories they’re not reporting because of the aforementioned narratives, then they will have hell to pay from members of the GOP that have been looking to defund them.

NPR’s new version of accountability might ultimately spell their own demise.

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