Now That's a Darn Shame: Jemele Hill's Memoir Bombs

John Simmons | December 15, 2022
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CNN’s Jemele Hill released a book on October 25th. Apparently, very few cared that she did.

Since its publication, the abrasive racist's memoir “Uphill” has sold a meager 5,034 copies. To give some perspective, the 2015 children’s book “Spooky Pookie” has sold more copies than Hill’s dud of a novel.

To make things worse for Hill, at its best, there were still 2,960 books that were selling at higher rates on Amazon than her waste of a story. This was all after the New York Times wrote several glowing reviews of her book to gain positive publicity.

At one point, she got so desperate to sell copies that she went on Deadspin to trash Outkick and Barstool just so her apparently limited audience might be persuaded to waste money on her work.

“It’s interesting that some individuals in those camps are just very fame-thirsty and dishonest, to me,” Hill said. “That’s not how I roll. That’s not how I was taught in this business, and certainly not the person I am…the only thing that I don’t particularly like (about what they do) is that they tend to ‘stoke the mob…’”

Mind you, this is coming from someone who wrote a book about her own “victimhood” and rise to be a well-known journalist (though not a good one), and who repeatedly just characterizes most news stories as racist because she is -- ironically -- dishonest and trying to stoke her mob following in the process.

Hill said she hopes her book release one day makes her a best-selling author. But based on the past two months, she’s got quite the uphill battle to face to reach that summit.

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