Now Even Ice Cream is Racist

Caleb Tolin | June 25, 2018
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Blue Bell ice cream has a flavor called "The Great Divide" which is half chocolate and half vanilla split evenly down the middle. Apparently the ice cream is racist according to blogger and mother of a "mixed-race family" Traci Schmidley.

On her blog, the mother of six and foster parent from rural Louisiana retells a story where she and her family were indulging in some Blue Bell ice cream at the end of the week and her 10-year-old son made a joke that the flavor should be called "The Civil War" instead.

"The line down the middle of the carton reminded him of the Mason Dixon line, and the name reminded him of a time in history when our nation appeared to be irrevocably divided," she wrote. "He looked at our table and saw a mixture of both black and white people, not divided on one side or another like in the ice cream but gathered around the table together."

Schmidley then asked her children to come up with different names for the flavor and decided that she and her family would petition Blue Bell to change the name to "Better Together" in order for the flavor to be more inclusive.

Pause. We’re now starting movements because of what 10-year-olds interpret of their ice cream?

Schmidley took her petition to Facebook where the post has since had over 12,000 shares.

After the post went viral, Schmidley noted on her blog that she never "claimed the original name was racist," but that she and her family "just didn’t think the name ‘great divide’ was the best name for something as wonderfully unifying as Blue Bell ice cream."

Twitter users had some mixed responses:

According to CBS News, “it is unclear at this time if the Texas-based company has responded to the Schmidley family or heard about the campaign to change the name of ’The Great Divide.’”

I guess we'll have to wait and see.