Not Vaccinated? Pay Up: College Adds Fee for Unvaccinated Students


Rhodes College will reportedly charge students who are not vaccinated a whopping $1,500 per semester to return to campus.

The Memphis, Tennessee college is encouraging students to get vaccinated by also mandating weekly COVID-19 testing for unvaxxed students, covered by that hefty "Health and Safety fee."

Vice President for Student Life Meghan Harte Weyant also pushed for students to get the vaccine.

“We hope our students will choose to get vaccinated,” she said, reported The Memphis Commercial Appeal.

Campus Reform Correspondent and Rhodes College student Dietwin Smoli told Fox and Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt of his concern about the new policy. 

“Taking a vaccine is a personal decision,” he explained, especially given that college-age students are unlikely to contract a serious case of coronavirus.

Rhodes College is not the only college planning on pushing students to get vaccinated, however.

Smoli also said that Campus Reform is keeping track of “over 100 colleges” which are planning to announce that students returning to campus must be vaccinated.

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