(Not So) Shocking Study: Gun Ownership Leads to Lower Burglary Rates

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 3, 2022
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In a new study provided to The Daily Caller, a higher probability that homeowners will also own firearms appears to be strongly correlated to a decrease in burglary.

Reports Kay Smythe:

The non-partisan study published earlier in April took data from an open-access database containing information on Tennessee handgun carry permit holders and cross-referenced their zip codes with rates of burglaries. The researchers found a significant decrease in burglaries in zip codes with high rates of gun permits.

And as Newsmax host Carl Higbie tweeted, in part, on April 27:

You needed a study for that????

Indeed, it seems that gun-grabbers who would use government guns to back their grabs are completely incapable of figuring out such a simple syllogism as “would potential burglars want to enter a home where they worry residents might be armed, or would they prefer to enter a home where the residents are not armed?

Writes Smythe:

Zip codes with the highest concentration of permits experienced 1.7 fewer burglaries per week after the database on ownership was made available to the public, the study found. Those neighborhoods with the lowest number of permits experienced an average of 1.5 more burglaries, according to the study.

For those of us who have read John Lott’s excellent 1998 book, “More Guns, Less Crime,” this is old news. We know that in it, Lott covered the fact that in the US the so-called “hot burglary” rate is much lower than the “hot burglary rate” in gun-grabbed England.

“Hot” burglaries are those in which criminals break into homes without “casing” them to see resident patterns and, as a result, use that knowledge to enter when the resident is away.

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In the US, burglars are much more likely to “case.” Why?

Lott writes (p 5):

Convicted felons reveal in surveys that they are much more worried about running into armed victims than about running into police. The fear of potentially armed victims causes American burglars to spend more time… ‘casing’ a house to insure nobody is home.

It just makes sense, as does the warning that advocates of self-defense repeatedly try to deliver to gun-grabbers: making it harder to get firearms will place more peace-loving people in jeopardy of victimization.

Smythe adds:

The change in crime rates came as a result of the publication of the gun permit-holder database, the researchers noted. As the study was focused on Tennessee, the results cannot necessarily be generalized to the rest of the United States, the researchers concluded. They also noted that there are some privacy concerns given the mass publication of gun permit holders and their personal information.

God forbid that people might not want to have to get “gun permits” or the info about gun ownership to get out. It probably would be a lot better if some central authority made them acquiesce, made them get “permitted,” and knew that all the info…

Yeah…some authority that claims the legal right to engage in aggressive violence and to take our stuff without being called a robber. If only the government would invade the privacy of more people, find out who owns guns and who doesn’t, pass more statutes restricting the right to keep and bear arms… Crime surely would drop, and no one would have to worry about their rights being trampled or the armed agents of the state – who live off the productive labor of those innocent gun owners – using tax-bought guns to seize the citizens’ guns, as has happened in nation after nation throughout history.

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