'Not a Single Person of Color': Los Angeles DA Resigns From Calif. DA Assoc. Because the Board is Too White


Another George Soros-backed activist district attorney displayed his full “wokeness” Tuesday in a letter to the California District Attorneys Association (CDAA).

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon, the same person who helped turn San Francisco into the garage dump it is currently while he was the DA for that city, sent a letter to the CDAA on Tuesday to inform them that he was cutting ties with the association because the board is too white.

The absence of a single person of color on CDAA’s 17-member board is blinding.

This is the leadership that sets the direction for an organization of elected prosecutors, all of whom disproportionately prosecute communities of color at a time when the nation is facing a reckoning over systemic racism, and in a state with a plurality of minorities no less.

Woke people gonna woke, but Gascon got dunked on for his misunderstanding of how things work and his hypocrisy — go figure — in standing up for “minorities.”

El Dorado County District Attorney and CDAA President Vern Pierson told Fox News in a statement that Gascon can’t resign from the CDAA because “he has not been a member of CDAA since October 2019 when he quit his job as DA of San Francisco.”

Pierson also called out Gascon for his stance on “the ethnicity issue.”

On the ethnicity issue, his remarks are disingenuous, as he ran against the first sitting Los Angeles District Attorney who was both a woman and an African American. Incidentally, she was a CDAA board officer and in line to become president.  Shootings and other violent crimes are skyrocketing in LA. This appears to be a publicity stunt to divert attention from his favoring criminals at the expense of victims and growing calls for his recall.

As for Gascon’s record during his tenure as the San Francisco DA, the Los Angeles Times reported the following in February 2020:

During Gascón’s tenure in San Francisco from 2011 to 2019, property crime surged by 49%, driven by an unprecedented increase in vehicle break-ins, records show. Violent crime also increased 15% in the same time frame.

The only possible reason that Gascon beat out the aforementioned incumbent Jackie Lacey to become Los Angeles’ DA is because — if you can believe it — Lacey’s record in L.A. was worse than Gascon’s in San Francisco.

“Under Lacey, however, violent crime rose at a much higher rate in Los Angeles,” the LA Times reported. “Countywide, violent crime jumped 31% from 2011 to 2018, and 44% in the city of Los Angeles over the last eight years, according to data reviewed by The Times.”

Violent crime is at near record-level highs in L.A. and San Francisco, but at least the district attorneys in those places are “woke,” am I right? Or maybe Gascon could focus more on crime than the color of people's skin. 

H/T: Washington Examiner

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