Not One Alien Qualified For Asylum Among Group Of Over 1000

John Romero | August 6, 2019
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The progressive narrative about illegals pouring over our border trying to escape violence and seek asylum just had another balloon pop.

Back in January, President Trump had implemented a new asylum policy that would force asylum seekers to remain in Mexico as their asylum claim was processed. This policy led to over 20,000 asylum seekers returned to Mexico.

According to the LA Times, 1,155 of those cases have been processed among the “remain in Mexico” asylees - and NONE have been accepted.

There is still currently a backlog of 13,000 cases.

The LA Times article has multiple stories of these migrants who were placed in Mexico while they waited for their case to be processed. Many were not happy about this arragement. One asylum seeker, who was coming to the U.S. to join a brother, said the U.S. was to blame for him being kidnapped twice and paying out over $20,000 to try and get to the U.S. 

Because the U.S. government forced him to make the dangerous trek through Central America and then apply for asylum.


The article even sheds light on the fact that some of the asylum seekers are simply trying to get into the U.S. for economic gain. Many of the migrants blame the U.S. for their woes.

According to the report, the Trump policy is helping deter people from trying to cross illegally:  

Tijuana shelter directors said about 40% of migrants had decided to return home in recent weeks.

In one case, after spending a week in a detention center in Mexico, a migrant said he was going back with a message.

He would return to Guatemala, he said, with a message for his family about the U.S.: “Never go back.”