Not a Joke: Hillary Clinton Just Compared Herself to Wonder Woman

Lianne Hikind | June 15, 2017
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Hillary Clinton: mother, grandmother, and #notmypresident.

Of course, Mrs. Clinton has claimed that she would, in fact, be president if not for sexism, the Russian government and just about everything else. But up until recently, she hadn't yet compared herself to an Amazonian warrior princess.

It appears just about anything can happen, if given enough time.

In a surprise video message for her supporter, actress Elizabeth Banks, Clinton expressed that she had not seen Wonder Woman yet, but was excited to see it because it was directed by the fabulous Patty Jenkins. Then things got slightly strange.

“But something tells me that a movie about a strong, powerful woman fighting to save the world from a massive international disaster is right up my alley,” Clinton quipped, with a smile and chuckle.

I guess there is one kinda-sorta similarity between Clinton and Wonder Woman. While the latter had an invisible jet, Clinton had her unfindable emails.


Then again, how can Clinton be Wonder Woman?

I mean, doesn't Wonder Woman win in the end?

Does this mean Hillary Clinton will be returning to save us all from whatever the left thinks the world needs saving from today?

Guess we'll all stay tuned to find out if there’s a third movie in this franchise.