Not a Gift: White House Insults Taxpayers With 'Singing-Dancing Nurses' Christmas Video

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 27, 2021
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Two friends warned me about it.

Almost in unison, they said what I’ll paraphrase for you as: “DON’T watch it until AFTER Christmas, because it’ll sour the whole holiday.”

I took their advice. And now, I wish I’d waited longer before burning my retinas on this childish display of White House double-think, privilege, extravagance, and arrogance.

How disconnected can politicians be, one might ask? This disconnected.

As Americans tried to handle their travel plans and the authoritarian Biden jab and mask mandates, as politicians at every level pilfered their pockets, making it harder for them to give their loved ones what they hoped to give for Christmas -- or in life, generally -- the New York Post’s Callie Patteson reports that the Bidenistas used tax-fed propaganda platform PBS to debase the already off-putting political world in a whole new way. They engaged a gaggle of Connecticut nurses to sing and kinda, sorta, dance – with and without masks – to the now tarnished tune “We Need A Little Christmas.”

Complete with treble-muffling masks (something Biden repeatedly has declined to wear, evidently for the sake of acoustics), the gotta-be-jabbed-to-get-in backup singers shuffled and swung in blue scrubs, right there in the very building where luminaries such as Jeffrey Epstein and disgraced former House Speaker Dennis Hastert have strolled.

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The Northwell Health Nurse Choir paraded around the “East Room” for over two minutes as multiple cameras (including a crane-mounted cam and one that stylishly moved from behind a “Holiday” tree) flashed their dynamic-action angles, as the director cut to a horizontal split-screen of a hospital hallway where two columns of med workers broke the vaunted six-foot magic barrier and high-fived someone in a mask running the weird gauntlet, as one cam zoomed out from a painting of George Washington to show the stomach-turning line-dance spectacle, and as "Doctor" Jill Biden approvingly looked on in her pastel pink suit-dress.

This might be one of the dumbest and most cynical loads of propagandistic bilge any White House team has spewed since Anthony Fauci most recently set foot there.

And Patteson notes that a lot of American serfs felt the same.

’So why did they ever ban people from singing in church?’ tweeted conservative commentator Kassy Dillon, referring to past guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that recommended people avoid singing indoors – including in houses of worship.

Well said…

’I cannot but marvel at how out of touch this administration is,’ journalist Walker Bragman wrote.


’I am amused by the idea that wearing a mask is very important unless you’re belting out a solo,’ Washington Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy posted.

Patteson also noted that these singing, sort-of-dancing, kinda-masked, kinda-not-masked health care employees are part of a diminished staff. A number that has decreased because Northwell Health recently fired 1,400 employees for, yeah, you got it, not kowtowing to the mRNA injection mandate.

What in the world is one to do with this? What can one do once having seen this?

Certainly, one cannot “unsee” it. But, perhaps self-delusion is possible. Upon having this dung-pile song-and-dance thrown into his face, perhaps the stricken American tax-slave can pretend it’s beautiful, it’s fun. It’s like a routine on Dancing with The Stars. Yeah... It’s the “Propaganda Pasodoble.” It’s the “VAERS Viennese Waltz.” It’s the “A.D.E. Allemande.” It’s the…



It’s just that, well… I looked.

And I shouldn’t have done that.

Now, I’ve been exposed to the truth.

And, even with the bows and tax-funded tinsel, it’s not pretty.

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