North Korean State Media Claims Kim Jong Un 'Willing' to Meet with Trump Again

Nick Kangadis | March 1, 2019
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Even though the media seemingly used the Michael Cohen hearing to mask the importance of President Donald Trump’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Hanoi on Thursday, Kim’s reportedly isn’t opposed to meeting with Trump again, despite the two leaders not making a deal.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported Friday that Kim is willing to meet with Trump again, saying this week’s meeting was of “great significance in building mutual trust.”

According to Fox News:

Trump specifically said negotiations fell through after the North demanded a full removal of U.S.-led international sanctions in exchange for the shuttering of the North's Yongbyon nuclear facility. Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters that the United States wasn't willing to make a deal without the North committing to giving up its secretive nuclear facilities outside Yongbyon, as well as its missile and warheads program.

Despite the negative media coverage — if they covered it at all — of Trump’s meeting with Kim, even regular Trump combatant Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) praised Trump for not making a deal just to make a deal.

“President Trump did the right thing by walking away and not cutting a poor deal for the sake of a photo op,” Schumer said, according to Bloomberg.

Even though a deal wasn’t done during the Hanoi meeting between the two world leaders, both North Korea and Trump seem optimistic that a deal could eventually come to fruition.

“Speed is not important,” Trump said. "What’s important is that we do the right deal.”