Nordstrom Follows Other Companies, Closing San Francisco Stores

Nick Kangadis | May 5, 2023
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How bad do our once great “American” cities need to get in order for people to understand what they’re doing isn’t working? Or, maybe, that’s the point? It’s possible the politicians make their money by destroying everything we once held dear, only to facilitate their friends’ businesses in rebuilding those cities in their own images. The quite unfortunate part is that the politicians never succeed in creating their utopia.

Take San Francisco. Once the crown jewel of the West Coast, it boasted spectacular views, magnificent living and a temperate climate that keeps you comfortable all year round. Besides the climate, there’s not much of the other two left in “the city by the bay” depending on which direction you’re looking in.

And the recent trend of businesses leaving because of rampant crime and homelessness is continuing as a department store giant has announced they will be leaving the area, too.

Nordstrom will be closing both of its San Francisco locations, citing that “the dynamics of the downtown San Francisco market have changed dramatically over the past several years.”

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Those were the words of chief stores officer Jamie Nordstrom, with the department store chain announcing that the main department store will close in August, and the Nordstrom Rack store will close sooner, July 1.

Nordstrom is following in the footsteps of businesses like Whole Foods, who have been and will remain closed “until the store is able to ensure the safety of its employees.”

In early March, it was reported that all of the Amazon Go stores in the downtown area would be closing.

Convenience store and pharmacy giant Walgreens closed five stores in San Francisco a year and a half ago, because the business couldn’t sustain all of the theft basically being allowed by the city at their stores.

Target has had to resort to putting a growing portion of their merchandise in locked, protective cases in order to even have a chance at staying open.

The left murdered Detroit, San Fran and Los Angeles are on life support and Chicago isn’t far behind with illegal immigrants being treated better than its own citizens.

If Tony Bennett truly left his heart in San Francisco, he might want to call a detective, because someone most likely already stole it.


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