Nonsense: British ‘Experts’ Say ‘Morbid Obesity’ is Offensive

Wallace White | June 8, 2022
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In case you hadn’t noticed, the lefty portfolio of woke issues includes lots of unhealthy behaviors and lifestyles. Why would the cause of the dangerously fat be excluded? It’s now virtuous to encourage people to simply accept being fat and unhealthy, despite the negative consequences. British researchers want us to stop using “morbid obesity” to protect people's fragile egos. 

The complaint stems from a study done by researchers in the journal “Obesity” that wanted to see how “negative terminology” was used in talking about obesity. The Daily Mail reports that the authors recommend using terms like “'ineffective' or 'insufficient' weight loss, or even 'secondary weight regain'” instead of “harmful” terms like “failing” to lose weight and “morbidly” obese. They called the terms “unwholesome” and one study participant called “morbidly obese” a “chilling” phrase. 

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Yet obesity is not wholesome. Maybe instead people should choose more wholesome foods before “wholesome” words. The push for “body positivity” has been one of the most backward developments coming from the left. Many fashion magazines have touted their featuring of “plus” size models that are evidently morbidly obese and/or extremely unhealthy. Any reasonable person knows that being fat is not healthy. 

The left will always attempt to change society to fit its feelings. “Morbidly obese” is a medical term. It actually characterizes what being over 40+ Body Mass Index looks like. The search for “less stigmatizing” language is simply a coping exercise. Being obese is bad for your health, and sugar-coating it won’t make things any better, no matter how bad your feelings are hurt. 

Fat acceptance is a fancy term for giving up.