No Surprise Here: Mass., Maine & Vermont Among States with 'the Most Liberals,' Study Says

Nick Kangadis | May 10, 2021
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Left-leaning outlet Stacker, whose website was founded in 2017, released a study in February listing the U.S. states with "the most liberals" in them.

The top five states with "the most liberals" in them are as follows: Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Washington and New York. The bottom five states with the least amount of liberals from least to fifth least were Mississippi, South Dakota, Alabama, Arkansas and Utah.

According to Stacker, here's how they came up with their results:

Stacker ranked each state first by the percentage of residents who identify as liberals and then by the percentage of the state's voters who voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, using data from Gallup270toWin, and the Cook Political Report's 2020 National Popular Vote Tracker.

Perhaps not the most scientific study, but a study nonetheless.

In 2018, Stacker did a study on the states with "the most conservatives" and found that the top five states included Wyoming, Alabama, Mississippi, Utah and Idaho. The states on that list with the least amount of conservatives were as follows, in order from least to fifth least: New York, Vermont, Hawaii, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Massachusetts seems to be consistent in throughout the last few years in terms what ideology most of the people who live their support, with them topping "the most liberals" list and having the least amount of conservatives just three years prior, according to the same outlet.

H/T: Chicago Tribune