No Riots After Black Teens Shoot a Black Good Samaritan

Brittany M. Hughes | August 17, 2016
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Deon Frasier, 17, left, and Michael Dupree-Taylor, 19 (CCDC)

Two black teens, Deon Frasier, 17, and Michael Dupree-Tyler, 19, were arrested Monday and are being held without bond in a North Charleston jail after they shot a 45-year-old black man who stopped to help them pull their car out of a ditch.

Al? Jesse? Mr. Obama?


Fox News reported the story Wednesday following a local report from WCSC-TV in North Charleston, S.C., which stated:

A newly released affidavit states the incident began Monday night in the area of Durant Avenue and North Jimtown Drive where a witness asked Garrett to assist the suspects pull their 2016 Dodge Durango out of a ditch on the side of Durant Avenue. 

According to witnesses, Garrett agreed to pull the suspects' SUV out of the ditch for $20. 

Authorities say after Garrett pulled the suspects' vehicle out of the ditch, Garrett asked the suspects about the money they owed him at which point Frasier took out a gun and fired multiple shots striking Garrett in the chest.

Chadwick Garrett (Facebook)

The story comes just a few days after rioters in Milwaukee looted and burned down six businesses and assaulted multiple police officers with rocks and bricks, all because 23-year-old Sylville Smith, a black man armed with a loaded, stolen handgun, was shot by a police officer (who was also black, but, details).

So on one hand, we have a known black criminal who got shot by a black police officer whose life was ostensibly being threatened, and “protesters” decide to lose what remains of their collective mind and torch local businesses. There was a candlelight vigil. A city alderman immediately blamed “racial problems” that are everyone’s fault but that of the fools burning down their own neighborhood. The media scrambled to explain the violence, pointing to simmering anger over a lack of jobs and opportunities for blacks in Milwaukee and escalating racial tension with the no-good, dirty rotten police. Keyboard activists began posting photos of the officer they believe shot Smith (and whose identity has yet to be confirmed by any credible agency), along with the officer’s home address, prompting some to threaten the man’s life. 

And on the other hand, we have a black Good Samaritan who stopped to help two black teenagers get out of a tough spot, only to get shot at point-blank range for his kindness. Yet another black life that mattered, unnecessarily lost at the hands of another black person, and no one says a word.

Al? Jesse? Mr. Obama?


Guess not.

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