'No Resistance': Thermal Imaging Shows Illegal Immigrants Pouring Over Texas Border at Night

Nick Kangadis | November 7, 2022
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“While you make pretty speeches

I’m being cut to shreds

You feed me to the lions

A delicate balance”

Those are the lyrics from an old Radiohead song that ring more true today than when they were released way back in 2001.

While all of these politicians do their best to persuade you to cast your ballot for them, what a lot of them aren’t talking about is the FACT that we seem to no longer have an actual country. A real country has borders, and the U.S./Mexico border looks to have an open door policy with no plan in sight to remedy the situation.

Fox News border reporter Bill Melugin has been a constant thorn in the side of President Joe Biden’s regime, who routinely like to pretend that there’s no illegal immigration “crisis.”

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Well, Melugin reported on Saturday that for the “fifth day in a row” his team saw “another huge group of migrants crossing illegally into Normandy, TX,” using thermal and night-camera wielding drones.

The key term in Melugin’s tweet is “No resistance,” with the only “resistance” being a “chain fence” put up on the U.S. side in Texas.

If you’re a person coming to the U.S. for asylum, if your life is that terrible where you came from and desperately want or need the U.S. to help, then why would your first action be to sneak into the country you seek help from? Especially if the current regime encourages illegal entry?

It doesn’t make sense. It never has when the politicians are the ones who seem to be facilitating this, as Fox News’ Tucker Carlson would say, “invasion.”


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