No, Really: Man Writes Op-Ed About Getting Vasectomy Because Of...Climate Change

Nick Kangadis | November 22, 2019
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I’m not really going to say too much about the guy in this next story, but let’s just say I’m happy for him — and the rest of humanity — for what he called “the most powerful personal action [he] could take for our planet.”

So some dude decided that it was ultra brave to get a vasectomy. Now, nothing against MEN who choose to do that, but the reason this guy did it makes me kinda happy there’s not going to be more of him running around.

Get this. The writer of a recent op-ed for Outside…got a vasectomy…because of…wait for it…climate change.

That’s not a typo. Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Writer Wes Siler decided to share his brave and beautiful story with the rest of the world, because — well, I don’t really know. Is he trying to get other men to make the same move? Maybe he was just virtue signaling, which isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Who knows?

All I know is that part of his thought process makes me think that climate change isn’t the only reason this dude, who is somehow engaged, should’ve gotten a vasectomy.

Check it out:

Children are an obvious thing to plan. With a sudden focus on responsible decision-making, it no longer made sense to leave hypothetical future offspring up to chance. When should we have them? What did our careers look like on that timeline? Who’d be responsible for staying home and raising them? Couldn’t we just have one of the dogs do that?

I mean, was he trying to be funny with that last question? Or maybe he was raised by a pack of wolves and felt nostalgic?

If that wasn’t bad enough, this guy — who I’m only writing about because it’s Friday — seemingly didn’t look at having a kid as contributing to moving society into the future by bringing a child into so that child can eventually make a difference. Nope. He weighed the option of whether or not to have a child by how much of an impact raising said child would have on his carbon footprint.

“If I gave up my 15 mpg pickup truck—basically the mascot for climate inaction—and rode my bicycle everywhere, I’d save the planet 2.4 tons of carbon emissions a year,” Siler wrote. “That’d be a massive sacrifice, but it’s nowhere near the carbon emissions I’ll save by skipping becoming a daddy, which comes in at around 58 tons annually, per kid. Any other action we could take, even all the actions we could ever possibly add up together, pale in comparison.”


Siler also gave the typical argument that there are too many people on the planet.

Whatever. I’m actually glad this guy’s decided not to have children. You’re doing the world a favor, and not because of climate change.

H/T: Louder with Crowder