'No, Haha': Pfizer Exec. Admits Vax Wasn't Tested to Stop Transmission BEFORE It Entered the Market

Nick Kangadis | October 11, 2022
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I tried telling everyone that would listen — and at first that meant very few people heard me — that I’m not anti-vaccine, I’m just anti-this vaccine until there was more testing and trials done. The vaccine I’m talking about is, of course, the vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus, which isn’t really a vaccine in the true sense of the word.

Now, even the people who developed the vaccine are admitting that they rushed the drug — or whatever is in that thing — to the market. Who knows why they did it? Certainly, the profits that companies like Pfizer saw during the pandemic seem like a prime motivator.

Yours truly didn’t trust it, hasn’t received one jab and will never receive a COVID jab unless there’s clear data that it actually helps anyone under 65 years of age. Call me crazy for questioning the government wanting to put something in my body that even they didn’t know the implications of.

All that said, Dutch member of European Parliament Rob Roos tweeted out a video Tuesday morning that has since gone viral displaying Pfizer’s president of international developed markets Janine Small admitting that the COVID-19 vaccine “was never tested on preventing transmission.”

Roos, during a session of European Parliament, asked Small point blank about the testing of the vaccine.

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“Was the Pfizer COVID vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market?” Roos asked in English. “If not, please say it clearly. If yes, are you willing to share the data with this committee? And I really want a straight answer.”

“Regarding the question around whether we knew about stopping immunization before it entered the market, no,” Small responded with a nervous giggle. “These, um, you know, we had to really move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market.”

What does that explanation even mean, lady? “The speed of science?” Who are you, Dr. Fauci? I’m not even a scientist and I could tell you her explanation of rushing out the vaccine is nowhere near rooted in “science.”

The speed at which science moves depends on the subject, the elements involved and how many tests are done to prove or disprove a hypothesis . That should be pretty basic.

Instead, people like this answer flippantly because nothing ever happens to them to make them face the consequences of their actions, or lack thereof.


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