No Deportation for Asylum Seekers Who Allegedly Gang-Raped Swedish Girl on Facebook Live

Nick Kangadis | April 14, 2017
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The tough words concerning mass migration from Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven a little less than a week ago were apparently just that — words. It turns out Sweden’s actions as a nation don’t reflect the big talk, and no matter which way you look at it, the nation is running backwards.

Back in January, two reported rapists, who are also asylum seekers, allegedly raped a Swedish girl while a 25-year-old Iranian immigrant filmed the rape and broadcasted it live on Facebook. We've now learned the two men won't face deportation, after all.

Heat Street reported:

The alleged rapists, aged 18 and 21, will not be deported if found guilty, after the prosecution withdrew their previous claim, according to Swedish news outlet 24 Uppsala.

“The prosecutor has taken a wise decision. It is against the Aliens Act, which I pointed out here before,” said lawyer Stefan Wallin defending one of the two men accused of the rape.

That’s right. The Swedish court system will allow these two barbarians to stay in the country, because the government doesn’t have the stones to stand up to people who took advantage of Sweden’s overly hospitable acceptance of extremism. They even have laws on the books, like the Aliens Act, that protects these monsters from facing deportation and/or expulsion.

The 25-year-old, while being an Iranian immigrant, also has Swedish citizenship. He is being tried for recording the entire rape and not reporting it. As far as I’m concerned, his actions are just as bad as the two animals that raped the girl.

However, “because he’s a Swedish citizen, he cannot be deported.”

You would think that since none of these people will be deported out of Sweden that they would receive harsh prison sentences, right? Wrong.

According to Heat Street:

He [prosecutor Pontus Melander] added that the two men who committed the rape will be looking at around 3 years in prison, while the man who filmed the incident could receive one-year sentence.

Just when we thought that Sweden took a small step forward with Lofven’s comments last Saturday, the nation as a whole just took three giant steps back.

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