No, 'Decency' Did Not Win In Alabama

Brittany M. Hughes | December 14, 2017

“Decency wins.”

Those were the first words from Sen. Jeff Flake shortly after news broke that Alabama Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore, an alleged child molester, had been unexpectedly denied an all-but-assured victory by Democratic challenger Doug Jones. It was a historically stunning upset for an election held in a solidly red state to fill a seat formerly held by staunch conservative Jeff Sessions.

The argument here is an obvious one: by refusing to turn out the vote for a man credibly accused of having inappropriate relations with underage girls – and, potentially, worse – Alabama Republicans, many of them Evangelicals, spurned calls by their political party to turn a blind eye to inexcusable moral failings for the sake of a Senate seat. Apparently there is a bridge too far for the party of Trump, and one of its planks is abusing kids.

But make no mistake – "decency" has in no way prevailed in Alabama. Because while Republicans may have by and large rejected their own alleged child abuser, Democrats openly embraced theirs.

By rejecting Roy Moore, Alabamians will instead by represented in Congress by a man who stands in open favor of the largest genocide in the history of mankind. By rejecting Moore, Alabamians will have as one of their highest elected leaders a man whose campaign was vehemently supported by Planned Parenthood, an organization that makes boatloads of cash carving up babies like rotisserie chickens, and is currently under federal investigation for selling off fetal eyeballs and livers harvested from butchered infants to scientists to be played with in petri dishes.

By rejecting a man who may very well have sexually abused children, Alabamians gained a senator who advocates for murdering them outright.

That’s not to say Alabamians had a good choice, or that conservatives should have made a different one. By spurning Roy Moore, Republicans have avoided the terrible publicity challenge of having to defend a potential sex abuser for the next several years just to save face. At its very best, seating Roy Moore would have been a PR debacle of a likely insurmountable kind.

But that doesn't make the reverse outcome any more palatable. I’ve likened choosing between a credibly accused child molester and a guy who supports infant butchery to choosing between drinking bleach and getting shot in the face. Just because you turn down the Clorox doesn’t make taking a bullet to the orbital socket any more pleasant. Either way, you lose.

And Alabama lost this week.

Decency lost.