No ‘Cuba Libre Plaza?’ DC Erases Pro-Freedom Message From Street

Matt Philbin | July 20, 2021
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Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser allowed “Black Lives Matter” to be painted permanently on a city street. That makes her (charitably) an idiot. She also has had her Department of Public Works erase a similar sign reading “Cuba Libre” from the street outside the Cuban Embassy. That makes her a useful idiot.

According to The Washington Post, someone painted “Cuba Libre” outside the embassy on 16th St. NW on Friday, obviously in support of Cubans demonstrating against the communitst regime. 

“The lettering outside the embassy appeared to be in the style of the street letters at Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House,” the report said. Cool! Power to the people! Truth to power! Right? 

Wrong. “D.C. Department of Public Works crews arrived outside the embassy Friday afternoon to remove ‘the unauthorized painting,’ according to spokesperson Erica Cunningham.”

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In the meantime, the Cuban Embassy wrote a statement to the Post:

Despite the systematic policy of confrontation and aggression of the United States government against Cuba, the American diplomats who work in the US Embassy in Havana have always been safe and have never been the object of attacks, or other manifestations of hatred. The Cuban Government expects the same behavior on the US side.

Sheer chutzpah given the whole “Havana Syndrome” thing. But communists are immoral liars. 

As mayor, Bowser abetted rioters and vandals during the summer of 2020, and she allowed BLM to permanently stamp the city, creating “Black Lives Matter Plaza” instead of erasing graffiti. Black Lives Matter is run by self-proclaimed “trained Marxists,” and the “unauthorized painting” is directly at odds with Black Lives Matter’s perspective on the Cuban unrest (“It’s all America’s fault.”)

So instead of “Cuba Libre Plaza,” we get the spectacle of  the mayor of our nation’s capital city scrambling to mollify communists foreign and domestic. Useful idiot indeed.