No Bias Here: Kathy Griffin and Ex-DC Cop Michael Fanone Pose With 'F*** Trump' Mugs

Brittany M. Hughes | August 2, 2022
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I’m certainly no PR expert, but I would assume that if you wanted people to believe you were acting in an entirely unbiased capacity and had no political agenda whatsoever, you might avoid insulting a political figure and giving away your personal bent.

But maybe that’s just me.

It’s certainly not Michael Fanone, a former Washington, D.C. police officer who testified as one of the star witnesses before the House January 6 committee about being accosted by Trump supporters on January 6, 2020, describing how he was dragged down the Capitol steps and beaten with pipes before being threatened with his own firearm and ultimately having a heart attack.

He later resigned from the force and now works for CNN as a contributor and law enforcement analyst. Because, of course.

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And in his spare time, he pals around with “comedian” Kathy Griffin, of beheaded-Trump fame, the two now hanging out and snapping photos together of themselves holding “F*** Trump” mugs.

“Look who came over for a hot cup of F**K TRUMP,” Griffin posted on Twitter Monday, along with the picture.

But remember, y’all: Fanone is totally unbiased, the January 6 committee is all about justice, and there’s absolutely no political agenda here.