No Anarchy for You! Portland To Cut Ties With TX Over Abortion Law

Matt Philbin | September 7, 2021
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Well, Texans, you’ve done it now. You and your “heartbeat” abortion law just cost you the lucrative beef and oil business of Portland, Oregon. And you can forget about your future supply of man-buns, arson, anarchist violence and whatever else comes from Portland. 

Apparently, federalism is unpopular in the Gaza Strip of the Pacific Northwest, and they can’t live with the thought that somebody, somewhere is cutting unborn babies a break.

The city’s Mayor, Ted Wheeler -- the eunuch who last year was driven from his condo by the Antifa rabble he won’t or can’t control -- is coming down hard on the Lonestar State. Wheeler “announced Friday that the city council intends to vote on an emergency resolution Wednesday to stop ‘the City’s future procurement of goods and services from, and City employee business travel to, the state of Texas’” according to the New York Post.

Large swaths of Portland are overrun by black-block thugs every night, but Texans’ aversion to infanticide demands an emergency resolution.

According to a statement, “Portland City Council stands with the people who may one day face difficult decisions about pregnancy, and we respect their right to make the best decision for themselves.” You bet they do.It’s an awful lot easier to worry about the possible future decisions of people thousands of miles away than take responsibility for your own decisions that turned your city into a national punchline.

“The resolution will be in effect until Texas ends the law or it is overturned,” the Post reports, although, “It’s not exactly clear what such a ban would look like.” Texas doesn’t grow coffee, and it’s not famous for its marijuana. Is Texas a leading manufacturer of plate glass? Lot’s of broken windows in Portland these days. 

Well, don’t worry, guys, you’ll think of something from Texas you can ostentatiously not purchase and feel virtuous while you do. In the meantime, a few more Texas kids will be getting a start to life.


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