NJ Uses Santa To Goad Kids Into Getting the COVID Jab

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 20, 2021
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Merry Christmas!

Not only will your cash immorally be taken to fund all kinds of immoral government activities from the federal, state, and local levels all the way to the international level, if you live in New Jersey, your “Health Department” (you know, the bureaucracy that the people of the Founding Era clearly thought was the reason to create a government), will use your absconded tax cash to fund a great new propaganda campaign aimed at sucking your kids into demanding they get injected with the COVID jab.

In the video,  a child is seen writing a letter to Santa explaining that he doesn't want games or toys for Christmas - he just wants a dose of the "COVID vaccine," while a narrator tells viewers that "there's no better gift than peace of mind."


And, of course, children are at near ZERO chance of contracting, getting sick from, or spreading COVID19.

Just what, exactly, is one to take away from this?

Is this about health? That seems impossible, because there’s virtually no chance that the health of children is endangered. So, what is this about?

It seems to be about control and the ability to spend parental tax cash to undermine parental control over their kids.

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The government doesn’t mention the fact that kids don’t need any of these jabs. The government doesn’t mention the potential downsides of these jabs. All it does is propagandize, for jabs that, should they harm the kids, the feds have immunized the makers from liability suits.

Try that in the free market. And try getting the state of NJ to shower cash on advertising your product to kids.

Between this and the failing government school systems, is it any wonder that parents are more vigilant than ever about keeping their kids away from government-run agencies?


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