NIH Director Calls For Spreaders of COVID 'Misinformation' to Be 'Brought to Justice'

Brittany M. Hughes | November 19, 2021

It’s not enough to kick the vaccine hesitant off social media. Not enough to boot COVID Doomsday deniers off YouTube. Not enough to label concerned parents upset over school mask mandates and vaccine requirements as “terrorists” and keep tabs on them with the FBI.

Now, we’ve got to levy the full force of the law against anyone who does not comply with the government’s COVID agenda.

Or, so suggested NIH Director Francis Collins this week in an interview with the Washington Post’s Yasmeen Abutaleb, in which he demanded that spreaders of “false information” on COVID – i.e., whatever his agency and other government bureaucrats deem to be mistruth – be “brought to justice.” 

According to WaPo, Collins decried the fact that “somebody’s Facebook post carries as much weight as a statement from the director of the CDC about what is the truth of a public health crisis,” pointing to claims such as vaccines carrying microchips as examples of "misinformation" that's pervaded social media since the start of the so-called "pandemic." 

“Truth is supposed to be truth, and the fact that your truth would be so heavily modified by your social circle or where you get your news tells you we’re in real trouble,” he told Abutaleb.

Collins, of course, neglected to mention the "false information" spread by government officials and local health "experts" during the past two years, such as when deaths were labeled as COVID fatalities despite having been caused by some other accident or malady, simply because the victim tested positive for COVID post-mortem. 

Collins also predictably  failed to specify exactly what constitutes as “false information” about the ridiculous concept of “public health,” though it’s safe to say that any statements, questions or suggestions that go against the government line is likely to qualify. Nor is it exactly clear what “brought to justice” means to Collins or his fellow taxpayer-funded cohorts. A permanent ban from social media? Public doxxing? Fines? Jail time? Being labeled a “domestic terrorist” by the feds, simply for exercising their right to free speech?

We are in real trouble, indeed.