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Nigerian Illegal Alien Arrested For Raping a Maryland Woman In His Car


The local ABC affiliate in Washington, D.C. is reporting an illegal alien from Nigeria has been arrested for raping a Maryland woman, marking the eighth illegal alien arrested for sexually abusing a minor in Maryland in less than two months, according to the reporter.

Kevin Lewis, a reporter for ABC7 in D.C., reports police said 26-year-old Oluwakayode Adebusuyi, a Nigerian national living in the U.S. unlawfully, was arrested on August 28 for sexually assaulting the woman in his car while she was drunk.

According to the Washington Post, who identified Adebusuyi as a “Virginia man” and made no reference to his immigration status or country of origin, explains the Nigerian is a ride-share driver, but that the woman was not his customer at the time of the assault.

Police reportedly responded to a call about a woman crying in the road. After further investigation, the woman told them she’d been at a bar in Silver Spring, Md., when she started feeling dizzy.

“Aman who was a friend of her friend offered to let her sleep in his Toyota sedan parked outside, the statement said. The woman accepted the man’s offer, fell asleep in his car and said she awoke later when he entered the car and raped her, according to the statement,” The Post reported.

Adebusuyi reportedly held the woman in his car until they reached Clarendon Rd., where she was able to get out of the car. Police say her assailant then fled the scene.

“This is at least the eighth undocumented immigrant charged with rape or sex abuse of a minor in Montgomery County, Md. since July 25,” Lewis said in his tweet accompanying the report.

While U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has issued an immigration detainer for Adebusuyi requesting he be turned over to the agency for immigration violations following his legal proceedings, it’s unclear whether local law enforcement will honor the request – particularly given the fact that he’d already been released once before following his 2018 arrest for second-degree assault, a fourth-degree sex offense and false imprisonment, Lewis reports.

Lewis reports Adebusuyi has been jailed under a $250,000 bond and remains in custody. However, “Should Adebusuyi post bond, [Montgomery County] will give ICE a courtesy call, but it won't hold the accused rapist beyond the normal jail release process. [Montgomery County] has also banned ICE from entering secure portions of the jail,” Lewis added.

Montgomery County only recently (and reluctantly) agreed to give ICE courtesy calls upon the release of illegal aliens arrested for local offenses after an 11-year-old girl was found to have allegedly been repeatedly raped by two illegal aliens, one of whom had already been previously deported and the other having refused to leave the country after being issued a final order of removal.

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