Nicolas Maduro Warns Americans: If U.S. Continues Intervention, 'Much Worse Vietnam' Coming

Nick Kangadis | January 31, 2019
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When it comes to propaganda, politicians have a stranglehold on the practice. Add in some Socialism or Communism and you have a propaganda machine on your hands. It’s particularly funny when a murderous dictator makes an emotional plea to the people of another country, thinking that this plea will cover up the fact that he’s a murderous dictator.

Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro released a video late Tuesday evening in which he makes an impassioned plea to the American people to not trust President Trump or the “American media.”

“Do not believe everything you see and they say in the television media or in the U.S. press,” Maduro said.

I don’t know if anyone told Maduro, but the media and Trump aren’t exactly the best of friends. I’m not sure who he’s speaking to in this video, because Trump supporters typically don’t believe a thing they hear coming from the media.

Maduro continued with his nonsensical ramblings, even putting forth that the U.S. believes he and those Venezuelans who support him “have massive weapons of destruction.”

“I’m telling you from the heart,” Maduro continued. “As they can not invent that Venezuela and Maduro have massive weapons of destruction so they could intervene [sic] us, they now invent lies every day, false news, to justify an aggression against our country.”

Don’t you have to first have a heart before you can tell anyone something from the heart? Maduro has such a big heart that he doesn’t mind eating during a national broadcast while “his people” starve. His heart is so big that he’s been seen enjoying a super expensive lamb dinner, prepared by the virally famous chef Nusret “Salt Bae” Gokce, complete with personalized humidor box of cigars.

Can I get away with one more?

Maduro’s depth of heart is so vast that he gave his address in the middle of an uber-lavish courtyard in order to display how humble he is.

You can watch Maduro’s address below:


"If the government of the United States intends to intervene [sic] us, they will have a much worse Vietnam than you could imagine,” Maduro said.

There’s that heart that I was talking about!

Maduro said many more enlightening things, except those things enlightened us as to who he really is — a murderous dictator.

“We do not want violence,” Maduro went on to say. “Do not allow it. We are people of peace, proud of our history and of [former Venezuelan president] Simon Bolivar and [Socialist former Venezuelan president] Hugo Chavez.”

Just a little tip, Nicolas. Chavez probably isn’t the best example you could’ve used in this situation. Chavez was Maduro’s predecessor who would’ve done the same things Maduro has done since procuring office.

H/T: Breitbart