Nicki Minaj Battles Cancel Culture After Questioning COVID-19 Vax

Alex Hall | September 23, 2021
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The massive shakeup of modern politics continues as a rapper condemned political tribalism and censorship. 

Rapper Nicki Minaj made headlines when she expressed concern about the risks of taking a COVID-19 vaccination shot on Sept.13, cautioning her followers “pray on it” and to “make sure you’re comfortable with ur decision, not bullied.” On Sept. 15 she posted an Instagram story claiming, “I’m in Twitter jail y’all. They didn’t like what I was saying.” Twitter reportedly denied that the platform took action against her account.

Minaj faced backlash from Twitter users for expressing skepticism over COVID-19 vaccination and for sharing a clip from Tucker Carlson

Now we have Nicki Minaj calling out cancel culture and criticizing the powers that be for demanding she fall in line, while her 157 million Instagram followers are watching. 

It’s a weird time for politics because we are seeing a great shakeup of alliances. Where there is a crisis of identity, there is opportunity. Where will it all lead? Find out more by watching the video above.

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