WATCH: Dave Portnoy Catches WaPo Writer in a Lie, Writer Scrambles to Figure Out Excuse

Nick Kangadis | September 21, 2023
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The establishment media has about as much integrity as…well, something with absolutely no integrity (Sorry, the metaphor well ran dry). Take The Washington Post (WaPo), for example. Besides, perhaps, the New York Times (NYT), no outlet has done more to sully their name than WaPo.

This is just another example of their propaganda.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy found out that WaPo was going to run a hit piece on both him and the “Pizzafest” he’s putting on, which involved many advertisers and some of the best pizza places from around the country. He wasn't going to take this without a few questions of his own, so Portnoy decided to go right to the source.

The pizza reviewer called up the writer working on the piece to confront her about an email she sent advertisers, defaming him by saying he deals in “misogynic comments and other problematic behavior.”

You can tell the writer pretended she didn't know that Portnoy himself was calling, but that wasn’t the main problem. The writer lied about making those statement in emails in the first place, and Portnoy called her out on it…and he brought receipts.

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“We have this Pizzafest happening on Saturday, and you’re reaching out to our advertisers, and you’re basically sending an email that says — to the effect — ‘Dave’s a misogynic racist. Do you want to defend yourselves advertising at this event,’ right?” Portnoy said to the WaPo writer over the phone while recording the interaction on video.

“I’m sorry. What’s your name, Dave?” The WaPo writer asked, as if she didn’t know who it was on the other line. “I’m sorry. Who are you?”

“I’m the guy you’re writing the article about, Dave Portnoy,” ‘El Presidente,’ as he’s called among Barstool fans, said.

“No, I haven’t said anything like that,” the WaPo writer claimed before Portnoy interrupted.

“Well, I can read — if you want — I can read what you sent. I have it,” Portnoy said, calling the writer out on her lie.

Portnoy proceeded to read the email the writer sent to one of his advertisers for the pizza event, and the writer attempted to play it off like she had sent so many emails that she didn’t remember sending that one at first. She claimed that she framed the email that way in order to put more pressure on the advertiser to answer her message.

But, that’s really not great excuse or admission. By saying that, she’s basically saying that she’ll say anything in order to get a response.

Portnoy and the writer ended up making an appointment to talk Thursday morning, but predictably, the WaPo writer cancelled and supposedly rescheduled for Thursday evening.

I’d say that this woman — and probably WaPo as well — lack any journalistic integrity, but that would indicate that she both is a journalist and has integrity.


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