WATCH: Ben Shapiro Absolutely SMOKES Eric Swalwell for Five Solid Minutes

Nick Kangadis | July 10, 2024
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Folks, there’s been a figurative killing in the House of Representatives. Please bow your heads in remembrance of Chinese spy lover, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.)

On Wednesday, during a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro was asked about The Heritage Foundation’s “Project 2025,” which the foundation characterizes as a “Presidential Transition Project.”

Swalwell spent nearly the entirety of his five minutes asking Shapiro about a project he knows little about because it’s a different organization’s project. That’s like saying all people of a specific color look alike. But, we are talking about mental midget Swalwell here.

And for nearly five minutes, Shapiro absolutely merc-ed Swalwell. Think what you want about Shapiro, he’s very intelligent and thinks very well on his feet…or in this case, in his seat. (See what I did there?)

When initially asked about what he thinks about Project 2025, Shapiro absolutely smashed Democrats intent on framing it as The Boogeyman’s document.

“Do you support Project 2025?” Swalwell asked.

“I think, like President Trump, I haven’t looked all that deeply into Project 2025,” Shapiro said, beginning his answer. “But, it seems like Democrats on this committee, sort of like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, if they say Project 2025 enough their presidential candidate becomes alive again.”

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At the end of the verbal thrashing dealt by Shapiro to Swalwell, committee chair Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.) placed the final nail into Swalwell’s coffin.

“The gentleman’s time has expired,” McClintock said, “and I remind him of the first rule of holes: ‘When you’re in one, stop digging.’”