U.S. Officials Release Statement Calling for Continued Support for Israel Amid Hamas Threats

Nick Kangadis | December 21, 2023
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On Tuesday, lawmakers, national security advisors, U.S. military senior officials, political appointees, career officials and some within the intelligence community released a public statement of support for Israel in defense of its sovereignty against the terrorist group Hamas, other terrorist proxies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and their Gazan camp followers.

The statement was signed onto by 47 people, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Rep. Brian Mast (R-Fla.), former acting director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, retired Lt. Col. Allen West and others.

The release calls on Congress to continue its support of “the people of Israel, the IDF [Israeli Defense Forces], and the Government of Israel,” while also declaring their support of “Israel’s military goal that the war will end only when Hamas no longer maintains the capacity to murder.”

The statement also urges President Joe Biden to “immediately restore global  deterrence against Iran, which directly threatens America and Israel alike.”

“Similarly, we  urge President Biden and his administration to refrain from imposing strategically damaging constraints on Israel’s defensive military and security activities or imposing  post conflict conditions,” the statement read.

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There were three portions of the statement that were given particular importance in the group’s conveyance of support for Israel.

All of us believe that Israel’s victory in its war to eradicate Hamas and other terrorist proxies of  the Islamic Republic of Iran is critical for Middle East peace and stability. Moreover, Israel is at  the vanguard of a global battle to defend and protect the values that define Western civilization.  As such, the success of Israel’s efforts is vital to the interests of the United States and all other  countries that cherish life and liberty.[…]

Accordingly, we believe that the United States Government must provide the IDF the time,  resources, and diplomatic support necessary to utterly defeat Hamas – dismantle its operational  capability, eliminate its leadership, and discredit its ideology. This is in the national security interest of the United States.[…]

We agree. Let Israel win. May God defend all that is right and good.

The statement also quoted an “American Israeli” father from the funeral for his son, “a major in the IDF reserves,” that battled against Hamas in a direct message to Biden.

“Mr. President - Don’t pressure us,” the father said. “Let  us do what we know how to do, what we must do: defeat evil. This is a war of light against  darkness, of truth against lies, of civility against barbarism.”

The conflict between Israel and Hamas began on October 7 after a long ceasefire when Hamas terrorists attacked innocent Israelis throughout southern Israel.


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