'They're Excellent Swimmers': NYC Mayor Eric Adams Suggests Using 'Migrants' to Fill Lifeguard Shortage

Nick Kangadis | May 14, 2024

So…THIS happened today.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) actually suggested that criminal invaders — or in his words “migrants” — could be used to fill the city’s lifeguard shortage, because “they’re excellent swimmers.”

“How do we have a large body of people that are in our city, our country, that are excellent swimmers and at the same time we need lifeguards — and the only obstacle is that we won’t give them the right to work to become a lifeguard,” the mayor said. “That just doesn’t make sense.”

You can’t make this up. I’m not even going to come up with any jokes. The fact that he said this in a way he thinks is helpful and/or virtuous is a joke unto itself.

Adams said what he said during a City Hall briefing, according to the New York Post, and was alluding to expediting work visas for the criminal invaders.

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Just look and hear it for yourselves:

Really, bro? Really? This isn’t the righteous move you think it is.


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