They Don't Mean It: BLM Chicago Backtracks, Deletes Hamas Tweet w/ No Apology

Nick Kangadis | October 11, 2023
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The Ponzi scheme that is Black Lives Matter is at it again. First, they decided to glorify Hamas’ terrorist attack on a music festival in Israel by posting a silhouette of a Hamas parachuter with the text “I STAND WITH PALESTINE” underneath it. Now, they have since deleted the tweet, saying they “sent out msgs that we aren’t proud of,” but no apology.

For context, here’s a screenshot of the initial post:


If that wasn’t enough, they have since continued their assault on Israel, pretending that this is a one-sided conflict with only one entity to blame for innocent people being killed.

In a quote retweet of some saying that they’re praying for Israel, Black Lives Matter Chicago (BLMChi) said they’re praying for Israel as well, but not in the genuine way that others might.

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“Us too,” BLMChi’s response began, “God please unharden Israels heart & help them to stop bombing children & taking over peoples homes & building fences, god please help them see the beauty & peace that can come of ending genocidal behavior.”

Talk about the pot and the friggin’ kettle.

Remember, that BLM leaders are trained Marxists and have woven that ideology into the fabric of the organization. Also keep in mind that most Communists are also Atheists, and that’s why they didn’t capitalize “God.”

In a later tweet, BLMChi admitted that they are not part of the National BLM organization and that they”cut ties years ago.” But, even if they did, they still try to benefit from the BLM name, otherwise they would’ve changed it.

Leave to the far-left in Chicago to possibly be even more radical than the schemers of the national BLM organization.