Scottish PM Who Said His Gov't is Too White Now Complains of Online Hate of Elon Musk's X

Nick Kangadis | April 17, 2024
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With socialists, communists and global "leaders" you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Why? Because if they didn't have something to complain about, they're heads would spin and projectile vomit as if they were in "The Exorcist." But when one of these parasites - a person feeding off the rest of us - spews hate only to complain about the spreading of hate on a particular platform, they need to be called out for scumbags that they are.

And that leads us to Scottish Prime Minister Humza Yousaf. You remember ol' Humz-y, don't ya? He's the guy who complained in Scottish Parliament that the government was too white, despite the demographics of Scotland showing that the white population of the country is anywhere from 88 percent to 96 percent, depending on which report you go by.

Regardless, at least 8.8 out of 10 people residing in Scotland are white, so it would go to say that the government would at least somewhat closely resemble those demographics.

Well, the SNP member - who describe themselves as "centre left and social democratic," so socialists - decided to go after Elon Musk's X platform for not doing enough to "regulate online hatred." For some reason, this makes me think of a pot and a kettle.

He complains of "Islamophobia" and "fake news," especially when he searches himself on the platform.

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Of course, at least in the clip above, Yousaf gives no examples of the Islamophobia and fake news that he alleges exists about him on X. It's probably there, but that's free speech, buddy. At least with Musk in charge of X, you have a right to either be wrong or have an opinion the subject of the post might disagree with. That's called discourse.

Maybe if more people on the X platform hated white people, and there are plenty examples of it, he'd laud X for being brave and promoting "inclusivity."

Yousaf is nothing more than a racist bigot who narrowly received his current position, not from the people, but from his peers in Parliament after his predecessor resigned.


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