Richard Nixon?! Chi-clown Mayor Johnson Blames Fmr. President for City's Black-on-Black Violence

Nick Kangadis | July 9, 2024
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As some of you that have followed my work with MRCTV over the last eight-plus years might know, I used to routinely cover the weekend bloodshed in Chicago every single week for a few years. I did that to shed a light on the issue in the hopes that, maybe, someone would notice and things would change for the better. But, as they usually do, my Chicago peeps let me down by continually supporting politicians that have no interest in correcting the problems, only using those problems to claim victimhood and grab more tax money under the guise of remedy.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is another one of these Chi-clowns, as I just coined them. Chicagoans complained about former Mayor Lori Lightfoot for years, so what did they do? They elected someone even further left of Lightfoot in the form of the Marxist, Johnson.

Over the Independence Day weekend, 109 people were shot, with 19 resulting in death, according to Chicago police and reported by WGN.

109 people. Over 17 percent of those shot now dead. Grasp that for a moment. That’s just ONE weekend.

Of course, Johnson — using the communist tactics he’s used to — deflected any blame on his office and the way his administration has handled the violence in the city, including the social workers he calls police.

Police officers in Chicago have a hard enough job without the city, including Johnson, placing figurative handcuffs on them actually being able to do their jobs effectively. We wouldn’t want anyonge to be called a racist, now would we?

Want to know who Chi-clown Johnson blamed for the violence this time? Former President Richard Nixon. That’s not a mistake. You read that correctly.

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“Black death has unfortunately been accepted in this country for a very long time,” Johnson said. “We had a chance 60 years ago to get at the root causes and people mocked President [Lyndon] Johnson, and we ended up with Richard Nixon.”

Excuse me, but what in the blue hell are you talking about?

First of all, former President Johnson was an avowed racist — even MSNBC admits that. When trying to pass the Civil Right Act of 1964, it was 18 Democrats and one Republican who filibustered in order to prevent the bill’s passage. In fact, it was the late Democrat darling and former KKK member Sen. Robert Byrd who filibustered for more than 14 hours before giving up.

Chi-clown Johnson brought up Nixon for no other reason than he was the Republican that took over as president after Lyndon Johnson.

The point remains that it doesn’t matter who Chi-clown Johnson brought up or will bring up in the future. He’s in charge. This violence is occurring and continuing on his watch.

But, if you expect accountability from a Marxist, then you need to read the manifesto. It’ll never happen. And THAT is what makes Johnson another in a long line of “Chi-clowns.”


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