Report: Biden has Spent More Time Away from WH than Any Prez in Half Century

Nick Kangadis | September 5, 2023
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No matter what you think about President Joe Biden and his regime, the numbers don’t lie. Biden is the biggest vacationer-in-chief in recent history.

The New York Post reported over the weekend that Biden has spent the highest percentage of his days in office on away from Washington D.C., coming in at a whopping 40 percent (382 of 957 presidential days, as of August 27). The only presidents that come close in terms of percentage were both of the Bush's, with former President George W. Bush spending 36 percent of his time in office away from the actual D.C. office, and his father George H.W. Bush spending 37 percent of his time away during his presidency.

No other president in recent memory comes within 10 percent of Biden’s number. According to the Post:

Biden’s 40% out-of-office ratio far surpasses that of former President Donald Trump, who spent 26% of his presidency on personal trips out of Washington — 381 of his 1,461 days in office.

In contrast, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama vacationed for just 11% of their two-term presidencies — and workhorse Jimmy Carter took only 79 days’ worth of breaks, accounting for 5% of his single term in office.

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Biden and his handlers seem to be employing the same mentality for his presidency that they used during his 2020 campaign — keep him away from places where he might have to answer questions that aren’t pre-approved.

To be fair, there’s no correlation between percentage of days away from D.C. and their actual job performance. But, the only percentage that might be higher is the amount of time Biden and his regime have shied away from talking about the non-existent borders which have seen record numbers of illegal immigrants invading the U.S.


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