Religion of Peace? Hamas Leader Calls for Global Jihad on All Jews Worldwide This Friday

Nick Kangadis | October 11, 2023
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The level of hate forcibly injected into our lives from people that have nothing to do with our lives is getting to a boiling point — namely, people stop being as understanding when you consistently beat them over the head with other people’s problems. However, we have yet another radical animal thinking what he has to say is important — and to his mindless minions of sheep it is. But to the rest of us, we’re just sitting here thinking, ‘Shut the hell up, you fundamentalist pile of garbage.’

I hate to sound cliche, but “try [this] in a small town.”

Founding member of Hamas Khalid Mashal reportedly called for Muslims to target Jewish people all around the world in a global Jihad this coming Friday, October 13.

American Military News reported that author Brother Rachid translated a now private YouTube video in which Mashal made the declaration that will “send a message of rage to Zionists and to America.”

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According to American Military News, Rachid translated the following reportedly said by Mashal:

The most important thing: He asked all Muslims around the world to carry Jihad by their souls; to fight and be martyrs for Al-Aqsa. He wants Muslims to fight against the Jews, starting with Muslims who live in the countries surrounding Israel: Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt (but also other countries), to go to the borders and try to enter, each by his own means,” Rachid explained. “He said: This is the time for Jihad to be applied on the ground rather than just in theory. He asked the Mujahedeen to go in long caravans to spell their blood on the land of Palestine.

Mashal also reportedly called on Muslims to for their blood and souls instead of donations “[to be sacrificed for Palestine].”

This is what happens when you basically make anyone and everyone fear calling certain people from a certain “religion of peace” out for their repeated calls for genocide of anyone and everyone who isn’t them.


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