Okay, Groomers: Non-Profit Caught Pushing LGBTQ Agenda In Schools

Nick Kangadis | September 14, 2023
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It seems that the number of sick people teaching — I mean grooming — young students in school is increasing. And much like politicians, they also look for loopholes to circumvent the law and institute their agendas into the lexicon, or in this case, the curriculum.

A non-profit group called HiTOPS has been infiltrating schools in New Jersey — and virtually in states across the country — to inform children as young as second graders about the LGTBQ lifestyle and influence them to make decisions that they might not otherwise have made.

Oh, and their aim is to do this without the consent of parents.

Undercover investigative journalism group Project Veritas spoke to both the executive director and a health educator for HiTOPS and got them to admit that a major goal of theirs is to eliminate the opt-out clause for parents when it comes to questionable, if not inappropriate, curriculum.

“That’s our real, I guess, that’s our, like, real sort of goal would be to remove opt-out class, or like, opt-out policies,” HiTOPS health educator Hannah Wiers told Veritas’ undercover reporter.

Good thing she doesn’t teach English.

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Lisa Shelby, HiTOPS executive director, admitted that they “sometimes” teach kids “sexual health education and LGBTQ+ support” under the guise of a “racial injustice” class called, “Pathways to Racial Literacy.” This is a class in which they also allegedly teach kids about “race” and “ethnicity.”

This is a class that Wiers said parents cannot opt their child out of.

“We come in and we teach for three days,” Wiers said. “That class they can’t, parents are not allowed to opt their children out of.”

Wiers also said that a method they use, since kids now do their work on laptops instead of a pencil and paper, is to send them periodic messages asking them if they still want to be referred to by a certain name, which pronouns they use and so forth.

Wiers told the Veritas reporter the following:

…it’s like, ‘Hey, I’m just checking in. Do you still like, like remind me what name you like to be called. Remind me what pronouns you like to use,’ which you all could potentially adapt to…Just like, especially if you are noticing, like, a child was, like, being very, like, insistent and being very consistent about asserting their gender identity. Checking in every couple of months.

But, their organization is teaching the kids about gender identity, so how is that not grooming?

For context, HiTOPS’s website says they are a “non-profit organization that fosters strong and healthy young people of all identities by providing inclusive and youth-informed sex education and LGBTQ+ support for young people,” while their “Vision” is to create a world “where young people are able to flourish because they are at home in their bodies, supported in the development of their sexual and gender identity, and equipped with an understanding of how to have safe, consensual, and healthy relationships.”

Essentially, like I said at the top, they’re groomers.

For the full Veritas expose, watch below:



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