Oh, Honey: Dem Activist Nervous FLA Death Penalty for Child Sex Offenders is 'Genocide' For LGBTQs

Nick Kangadis | October 5, 2023
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Some people are just plain dumb and don’t even see the holes in their arguments, let alone the giant, gaping voids in them. In my experience of covering protests over the years, I can soundly say that at least 90 percent of the “activists” at these events have no idea what they’re saying because they got everything they regurgitate from someone else.

Who knows if that’s the case here, but this particular activist basically admitted what she thinks her “opposition” believes.

The dunce in the following video, posted on X by Libs of TikTok, is supposedly voicing her concern for the LGBTQ community as a result of a new Florida law that gives the option of the death penalty for child sex offenders at sentencing.

“Well, what’s going to happen if you refuse to leave the bathroom?” the dumb — I mean, Dem — activist asked before showing her more intellectual side. “They’re already calling the communities, trans and gay, they’re already calling them ‘groomers.’ That’s the next step. ‘Well they didn’t leave the bathroom, so they’re obviously going to do something with my child.’ And if they think that you’re a pedophile or a groomer or a sex offender…it’s legalized genocide.”

So much stupid to unpack here.

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First, she doesn’t seem to be aware that the death penalty is issued at sentencing for someone that already committed an act.

Second, the death penalty in these cases is merely an option during sentencing. If a trans person got arrested for being in the wrong bathroom, and that’s all that happened, they wouldn’t give that person the death penalty.

Lastly, it’s kind of funny that as soon as this woman saw the headline with “punish child sex offenders” in it, why would she automatically assume that the LGBTQ community would receive the brunt of the punishment? Bigot.

Oh, by the way, just don't diddle kids, and you won't have to worry about it.

This woman basically said, as evidenced in the Libs of TikTok post above, that “the option of the death penalty for convicted child rapists will affect the LGBTQ community the most.”

That’s quite the assumption for someone who’s supposedly an “ally.” #GetWreckedNerd


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