No Shame! Pile of Trash Robs Girl Scout in Front of Texas Walmart

Nick Kangadis | February 20, 2024
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What in the h-e double hockey sticks is going on? Can we please grab some of these criminals off the streets and teach them the meaning of respect? However you want to interpret that, go right ahead. Haven’t we had enough of a society where young people feel it’s okay to rob little girls selling cookies? Apparently not.

Making the rounds in multiple outlets in the last couple of days, earlier this month a man police believe to be between 18 and 24 robbed a girl scout and a female adult selling cookies in front of a Walmart in Fort Worth, Texas.

Video surveillance of the incident shows a young man wearing a gray hoodie exit the Walmart and grab the bag containing the money earned for the cookies that day. The adult and girl scout can be seen looking on in astonishment as if they were trying to process what just happened.

As of this writing, the suspect has reportedly not been caught yet.

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You can view the footage below:


What a scumbag! He probably has no idea what it’s like to work or earn your money, so he feels no shame robbing a little girl trying to raise funds for her girl scout troop.

There’s a place for people like the young piece of garbage — calling him a “man” is too good for him. But, I can’t say where that is, because it’s too graphic. But, that’s okay. One day that “thing” will piss off or take from the wrong person, and it’ll be too late before he knows what happened to him.


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