Nazi-Applauder Justin Trudeau Wants to 'Make Abortion More Accessible'

Nick Kangadis | September 28, 2023
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Leave it to a Nazi applauder to want to make abortion more accessible — in a country where abortion is already legal. How much further does it need to go? Oh, that’s right. Canada already went further and assists people who don’t want to live anymore in killing themselves.

On Thursday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin ‘Blackface’ Trudeau celebrated "International Safe Abortion Day" by ensuring that all Canadians will continue to have access to “safe and legal” abortions.”

“We’ll make sure that continues to be the case,” Trudeau wrote in a post on X. “We’ll never put your right to choose up for debate — and we’ll keep working to remove barriers and make abortion more accessible.”

Says the tyrant who called truckers protesting over COVID restrictions “Nazis,” while two years later standing up and applauding an actual Nazi. This is also the guy who mandated vaccines, despite being part of the "my body, my choice" crowd.

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Trudeau — or “Canadian Obama” as I like to call him — is an authoritarian of the worst kind. He claims to to be for the people, enacting all these Nazi-era edicts onto the Canadian people in the name of the cultish religion of wokeness, but in reality is the man who has turned our neighbor to the north in a communist hellhole.

Oh, and did I mention Trudeau literally stood up and applauded a Nazi and then claimed ignorance, while blaming it on everyone but himself? Because Justin Trudeau totally stood up and applauded a Nazi in Canadian Parliament — just in case that wasn’t clear.


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