Musk Says 'No Question' Biden Admin. 'Facilitating Illegal Immigration,' While Tim Pool Claims Collusion with 'Human Traffickers'

Nick Kangadis | January 5, 2024
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Leave it to the guy that uses the platform he literally owns to tell the unvarnished truth as he sees it, no matter how popular or unpopular it might be to some and others.

X CEO Elon Musk routinely says things that others are afraid of flat out saying, probably because most people have at least one person to answer to, but not Musk. Who’s going to tell one of the richest men in the world ‘you can’t say or do that’ on his own platform? I’m sure plenty of people do, but they can’t actually do anything about it.

So it should come as no surprise that Musk posted a thought on Thursday that many Americans have been thinking, but a large portion won’t say.

“At this point, there is no question that this administration is actively facilitating illegal immigration,” Musk wrote. “The numbers speak for themselves.”

Musk made the statement as part of a quote post about a graph that displays illegal immigration numbers under the last three presidents, including current President Joe Biden.

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In the Thursday evening edition of his “Timcast IRL” podcast, host Tim Pool took Musk’s sentiment a step further while analyzing Musk’s comments.

“Elon Musk says Joe Biden is facilitating illegal immigration,” Pool began. “Let me one up that for ya, Elon. The Biden administration is actively colluding with human traffickers. That’s a fact. They’ve been doing it for years. There’s multiple news reports loading children, they’re smuggling children, they are trafficking children on planes in the dead of night. There’s videos of this, and you can look at all the statements from politicians.”


While Musk and Pool are in positions where they don’t have to really answer to anyone for their opinions and comments, no matter how factual, this seems to be the current sentiment and temperature of people around the U.S.

Enough is enough — well, for everybody except those in the Biden regime and their globalist elite partners around the world.

The more people that say the truth out loud for all to hear, the less the powers-that-be can do to you. They can’t imprison us all, no matter where your opinions may lie.


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