Kill-and-Run! Minority Teens 'Allegedly' Intentionally Hit White Retired Police Chief, 'Yeah, Hit His A**'

Nick Kangadis | September 20, 2023
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Crime needs to be discouraged through accountability and repercussions instead of the criminal being placated, given a slap on the wrist and released back into civilized society. And despite the “alleged” criminal in this case only being 17-years-old, he should at least get life in prison if convicted of the heinous act he purposefully committed against an innocent stranger.

Two minority teens, outfitted in masks because they’re cowards, hit retired police chief Andreas Probst, 64, and killed him by intentionally running into the back of bicycle with their vehicle after side-swiping another car just seconds before hitting Probst.

I only point out that the animal scum and his accomplice are minorities, because if these were white kids hitting and killing a black man, every race hustler and establishment media outlet would’ve made this top priority for their agendas.

(Warning: The following video may be disturbing to some)

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Probst’s now-widow, Crystal Probst, spoke to Fox News Digital and told the outlet that this is merely one incident that’s part of a much bigger problem in our country.

“It's not just about one victim. We as a nation are victims. We are victims of senseless crimes," Probst said. "We all need to show up and show our outrage in the courtrooms.”

While police have detained and charged the unnamed driver with murder, the suspect’s passenger is still at large. Remember, it was the passenger that told the driver to “hit his ass.”

I don’t care if both of them are only 17-years-old. They “allegedly” intentionally ran down an innocent man with a car, whether their intent was to kill or not. If convicted, either throw away the key for both of these piles of garbage or simply bury them underneath the prison.


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