Katie Britt 'Owns' Climate Alarmist Who Ambushed Senator After Asking for Selfie

Nick Kangadis | July 10, 2024
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If we had a vote for most annoying group of people on the planet there would most definitely be more than two candidates. Let’s see…we have politicians, HOA representatives, Taylor Swift fans, cat ladies, feminists and climate change activists, among many others.

Climate change activists might be the winners with their constant disrupting of everyday life for the average person. But, one of these activists basically got their vegan lunch handed to them after an interaction with Sen. Katie Britt (R-Ala.).

An activist for the Green New Deal advocate group Sunrise Movement pretended to want a selfie with Britt only to ambush her with an extremely condescending question about her perceived allegiance to “Big Oil.”

“I was wondering how much money it would take to buy you back from Big Oil?” the climate muppet asked Britt.

That’s when, with a smile on her face while chuckling, Britt responded with a little condescension of her own.

“Oh you!” Britt said. “Look at how dishonest that was. You ask if you could take a selfie and now you’re asking questions.”

To be honest, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking someone who’s supposed to be a civil servant questions, even if you disagree. But, the activist was disingenuous in her motives for the selfie.

After being accused of being funded by people who are allegedly fomenting the “climate crisis,” Britt answered simply with what should be in this country.

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“Listen, we’ve got to be not only energy independent, but energy dominant. We do it better than anybody.”

Basically, Britt told the activist to kick rocks with her agenda.

Replies to Sunrise Movement’s post of the video on X essentially told the group that this interaction is not the win they think it is.

"Oh my gosh she owned you here," one user said.

"Why would you post a video of your own murder?" another user posted. "You guys just got owned."

"You just got owned. I bet you're embarrassed," yet another used wrote.

So takes home the gold at the A-hole Olympics for you? Is it the climate propagandists or another group of people?


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