'I Don't Give a S**t What He Says About Me': Rodgers Responds to Kimmel, 'Woke Establishment' Over Epstein List Fight

Nick Kangadis | January 10, 2024
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Leftists do what leftists do — cry for attention and if the situation doesn’t warrant it, they bend to their own benefit even if what they’re crying for attention about isn’t exactly accurate.

On Tuesday, New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers joined “The Pat McAfee Show” for his weekly segment, and McAfee provided Rodgers a platform to respond to unfunny late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel’s insults, as well as a threat to file a lawsuit against Rodgers for defamation.

The possible lawsuit stems from Rodgers’ appearance on McAfee’s show the week prior in which they briefly brought up the Jeffrey Epstein client list and how Kimmel would be someone who wouldn’t want that list to see the light of day. The defamation comes in as Kimmel apparently feels that Rodgers implied Kimmel is on the list.

Rodgers attempt to assuage the “woke establishment,” as he put it, so the situation could be “put to bed” — as he also put it — saw him explain that his comment about Kimmel concerning the Epstein list stemmed from comments Kimmel made a year prior and not any connection he might have with the list.

“So, I made this comment whenever that was last year, right I believe?” Rodgers posited. “Then, unprompted, he comes out and says that I’m an overly concussed wacko, in my opinion, it seemed like because I believe there was a list and there were names on that.

We fast-forward to this last week, and I said that a lot of people — and I’m quoting myself here — ‘a lot of people, including Jimmy Kimmel, are really hoping that doesn’t come out.

I was referring to the fact that if there is a list, which again this hasn’t come out yet, this was just a deposition, right, and there are names on it, then that would be the second time that a ‘soft-brained, junior college student, wacko, anti-vax, anti-Semite, spreader of misinformation, conspiracy theorist, MAGA,’ whatever other things that have been said by him and other people in the media, would be right twice.”

So, someone please explain to me where Rodgers said, that Kimmel was on the Epstein list. I’m just saying, because context matters, and it doesn’t appear that Rodgers is lying about what went down. I understand how it could be misunderstood if you don’t know the whole story, but Kimmel’s possible lawsuit is just ridiculous. Did Chuck Schumer write that for him, too?

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Rodgers summed up his comments about the whole situation by comparing Kimmel’s bio with his own.

“I think it’s impressive that a man that went to Arizona State and has 10 joke writers can read off a prompter. So, you know, my education at JUCO [junior college] and my three semesters at Cal [Berkeley] that I’m very proud of has worked out for me, and I’m glad to see it’s worked out for him as well.

So, I wish him the best. Again, I don’t give a s**t what he says about me. But, as long as he understands what I actually said, and that I’m not accusing him of being on a list, then I’m all for moving forward.”

Taking the high road — something Jimmy Kimmel has displayed he has no concept of.

For Rodgers’ full response, watch below:


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