'I Almost Fell Asleep Onstage': Biden Poor Debate Performance Narrative Keeps Changing

Nick Kangadis | July 3, 2024

Well, this certainly gives new meaning to the nickname “Sleepy Joe.”

During a campaign fundraising event in northern Virginia Tuesday evening, President Joe Biden blamed his poor debate performance on travel fatigue, noting that he “almost fell asleep on stage” during his perceived drubbing by former President Donald Trump.

“I decided to travel around the world a couple of times…shortly before the debate…I didn’t listen to my staff…and then I almost fell asleep on stage,” Biden said, according to a Fox News article based on a “print pool report.”

Can you blame him, really? I was covering the debate live and almost fell asleep. Then again, I’m not running for president.

“It’s not an excuse, but an explanation,” Biden reportedly said.

At least there’s some accountability on his part. Although, to almost fall asleep in a very high pressure situation — I don’t care how much traveling you’ve been doing — something clearly isn’t right.

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To be fair, it’s been nearly a week since the debate, and this falling asleep story seems like a change from the narrative during and immediately after the debate.

If you remember, the Wall Street Journal reported on June 28 — the day after the debate — that a “Biden campaign source familiar with the president’s health said that Biden is suffering from a cold.”

As MRCTV's Brittany Hughes reported on Wednesday, even White House Press Secretary took her turn in coming up with excuses for Biden's poor debate performance.

“There’s a cold. Theres’ a jet lag. You combine that, he continues to work for the American people…things happen,” she then lamely offered.

So, which is it? Or is it both? And if it’s both, why didn’t Biden mention “the cold” as part of his “explanation?” Plus, Biden returned from his traveling 12 days before the debate.

Now, I’m no expert on travel, but even someone gets jet lag, the recovery time is what? Two to three days tops?

Yet another example of the narrative changing and the establishment media going along with it without pushing back on the White House. Bravo, “journalists.”


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