The Hunt is On! EU Announces 'Investigation' into Elon Musk's X

Nick Kangadis | December 19, 2023
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When you become a voice for the voiceless that wasn’t pre-approved by the establishment elite, saying things that the same elite don’t want you saying, you also become a target. Governments and unelected world bodies will create authoritarian laws just so they can make you one of the aforementioned targets. They change definitions, they change the rules and they attempt to change how you live life in general, all to hold onto whatever power they feel they’re in danger of losing.

The problem is for the elite, what happens when your target is the richest man in the world who couldn't care less about the laws of man and is more concerned — at least from all appearances — about right and wrong?

According to Reuters:

The European Union is investigating social media company X over suspected breaches of obligations, partly relating to posts following Hamas' attacks on Israel, its first probe under the Digital Services Act (DSA).

The DSA came into force in November last year and requires very large online platforms and search engines to do more to tackle illegal content and risks to public security.

The probe will focus on countering the dissemination of illegal content in the EU, and the effectiveness of measures taken to combat information manipulation, including the "community notes" system, the Commission said.

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What’s really interesting about this whole thing is that EU officials know X and founder Elon Musk have most likely done nothing wrong. But, as is current custom with governmental bodies that conduct “investigations” these days, they look into an entity in order to find something wrong after the fact of announcing the investigation.

“The step that we are taking today does not find X guilty of an infringement, or conclude that X has actually infringed the DSA but merely states that we have significant ground to investigate these areas in detail,” Reuters reported an EU “senior official” as saying.

If you’re not part of “the club,” and you gain a certain amount of power, you will be subject to these investigations if for no other reason than to keep you in line.


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