How Dare You?! Just Stop Oil Wacko Cries Without Shedding a Tear, Criticizes 'Journalistic Objectivity'

Nick Kangadis | October 5, 2023
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Oh, climate change alarmists. Take any one of them that you regularly see on TV or social media. What do you usually get? You get a lot of emotion and no substance. They always want to fake cry about the climate, because it’s only job they’re qualified to do, which is to complain. I have never seen so many people cry without shedding a single tear.

Well, after the Just Stop Oil terrorist group apparently disrupted a stage production of “Les Miserables” in London’s West End, a spokeswoman for the group was interviewed by Sky News, and she didn’t disappoint — tearless crying and flailing arms aplenty.

The spokeswoman, Zoe Cohen, said a lot without saying very much at all. She did the typical appeal to emotion rather than state a single fact, going so far as to criticize journalists for allegedly practicing “objectivity.”

“How worse does it have to get?” Cohen began before turning on the dry waterworks. “How many kids have to die? How many more young people have to do this stuff?”

What “stuff?” Blocking traffic so cars can idle and emit more of that evil carbon dioxide than if you hadn’t of blocked the road? Throwing paint on priceless works of art, because of need for attention that mommy and daddy didn’t give you in your — more often than not — middle-to-upper class upbringing?

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As much as she cried, that’s how dry her face was.

But, perhaps the most ridiculous thing she asked in her faux emotional plea was when she was critical of “journalistic objectivity.”

“How much longer are you going to keep this journalistic objectivity up?” Cohen said. “Until the water’s lapping up at your ankles?”

Ah, the rising sea levels argument. Why don’t you ask former President Barack Obama, or practically any climate change promoting celebrity, why — if the sea levels are going to rise until Nevada is beachfront property — they all buy homes on the water? Or is Martha’s Vineyard exempt from the effects of climate change?

And journalistic objectivity? I understand she used quote fingers when saying “objectivity,” but since when has the globalist, establishment media not held water for the climate change lobby? Please tell me. Because the last time I checked, that hasn’t happened since at least the 1950s.

Save your fake tears. You really want to make a difference? Instead of constantly ruining everyone’s day with your disruptive, and sometimes terroristic, tactics, use those countless hours to actually help the planet — pick up some trash that you climate alarmists always seem to leave behind at protests, stop using practically everything you own since most of it needs petroleum to be made and maybe learn something about the environment instead of constantly waving your arms and saying the sky is falling.